ecological deficit

“Rich countries exist in a state of ecological deficit.” Payback

of redressing

“Instead of redressing the problem, they take the person and put them into the prison and now the problem is the person.” Payback

musically, marriage

“Musically, marriage is melody and rhythm.” Wisdom

respect it

“The answer to Difference is to respect it.” Wisdom

break bread

“If you want to make a song with me, we’re getting together and hanging out. We’re going to break bread together. We’re going to enjoy each other’s company—or not—and see if there is something really there, we connect, and then have some fun, and when the time is right, spit something out.” Kid Rock, Music

breeds creativity

“Creativity breeds creativity… that’s why I like duets.” Kenny Rogers, Music

the way

“Any musician is a channel… the musician’s job is to work in a disciplined way and learn as much about music as possible so that they can get completely out of the way.” Trey Anastasio of Phish in Music

paper next

“My job is to spot the spark and make sure there is a paper next to it to burst into flames.” Pete Waterman, Music

own reflection

“Education is not information…  [it] is to behave according to your own reflection.” Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Wisdom

life always

“Risk it; go for it. Life always gives you another chance.” Mary Quant, Wisdom

political act

“The most radical political act is to be an optimist.” No Impact Man

products ranging

“Women [are] able to buy products ranging from handguns to gasoline in the name of raising money for breast cancer.” Pink Ribbons, Inc.