the sack

“They may be thrilled to have a role in the sack with you, but when you leave they’re going to want to burn the sheets.” After Porn Ends

brief, shiny

“What we give them in the adult entertainment industry for a brief, shiny moment is immortality, validation and credibility.” After Porn Ends

wisest man

“Being a good actor in porn is like being the wisest man in the kingdom of the fools.” After Porn Ends

coyote’s life

“Imagine how happy he is when he wakes up and finds out he’s got a dick again… that’s a big day in a coyote’s life.” After Porn Ends

believe it’s

“A story so bizarre it’s hard to believe it’s true.” The Imposter

you’re tempting

“You’re tempting the hand of fate by following a certain path.” Song Sung Blue

your transformation

“Your transformation into tigers begins here.” The World Before Her

Miss India

“To be Miss India is to become like a little factory where you go inside and you are polished like a diamond.” The World Before Her

politically incorrect

“It was politically incorrect and everybody loved it.”
GLOW: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

four corners

“There are four corners. Wherever you go, you cannot find a peaceful life.” The World’s Most Fashionable Prison

locked up

“Jail’s the same in every country; you are locked up.” My Freedom, Your Freedom

a frog

“Whoever kept a promise to a frog?” The Frog Princes