in cosmetics

“Less than 20% of chemicals in cosmetics have been assessed for safety.” Pink Ribbons, Inc.

this investment

“Instead of saying what has come out of this investment, they tell you much money they’ve put into it.” Pink Ribbons, Inc.

love something

“How does one love something that is not alive?” The Mechanical Bride

universe inside

“In theory, you could build the whole universe inside your computer.” Clouds: A Documentary On Code, Culture & The Future Of Visualization

you like

“Whether something will become of it later? The main thing is that you like it yourself.” El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

new path

“What matters is whether something is magical and whether it opens up a new path.” El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

being together

“It doesn’t matter what we’re doing. Just being together—that’s what makes us happy.” Happy

every wave

“At an age when most people think you’re falling already, I feel I’m still rising with every wave I catch.” Happy

richest person

“When I see my child’s face I feel very happy. I feel that I am not poor, but I am the richest person.” Happy

my passion

“As much as I was scared to continue, I was not ready to give up my aim, my target, my objective, my passion, my dream, my life.” Senna

biggest wave

“One of these years, the biggest wave of the year is going to be ridden in Ireland.” Waveriders

gets everything

“Nobody gets everything.” After Porn Ends