a champion

“When a girl has become a champion… they will understand the value of girls.” The Boxing Girls of Kabul

Rick Springfield

“Some people have an addiction to cocaine. People like me have an addiction to Rick Springfield.” An Affair of the Heart

experience, war

“It feels like in the human cultural experience, war seems to make more sense than peace.” Peace and the Quiet

to dream

“I knew that the only way I could get him out of prison was to get him to dream.” Herman’s House

90,000 square

“By the time we both got what we wanted, [the house] was 90,000 square feet.” Queen of Versailles

his house

“My father had a dream for a concrete house… but then he had a concrete tomb and that’s his house.” Queen of Versailles

China has

“China has become a mirror of what we once had… particularly the ability to think collectively.” Detropia

sweetest kiss

“The sweetest kiss I ever got is the one I never tasted.” Rodriguez in Searching For Sugar Man

another story

“What I thought was the end of a story was the beginning of another story.” Searching For Sugar Man

that torment

“He took all that torment… and transformed it into something beautiful.” Searching For Sugar Man

them prowling

“The lions like prowling around, so I give them prowling around lessons.” Into The Middle Of Nowhere | director

protest is

“This is the point in history when you decide whether protest is possible online.” We Are Legion