could happen

“When my mother died, I realized that anything could happen and life was hanging by a thread.” Émilie, Age 11. The Fiancée of Life

to abundance

“It was the faith that I had in myself and in the world that allowed me to blindly walk forward and embrace whatever came my way. And that blind faith led me to abundance.” Yesterday’s News

the hole

“When you suffer as an anorexic, you fill the hole by keeping it empty.” Thirst

gave us

“God gave us teeth… he’ll give us food.” Hide and Seek: An Underground Trilogy

and feed

“Hey, when are you going go make money with this, get married, and feed your sweetheart?” How To Make Kimchi: According to My Kun-Umma

be living

“She must be living in a big house and have a beautiful car.” The Reality

years old

“Alcohol is an addiction, right? I’ve had it since I was 12 years old.”
The Man Behind the Log

i have

“I realized that I don’t have an occupation some time ago, that I have a vocation.” Bubbles

global consumption

“The US and Canada make up only 5% of the world’s population, yet we are responsible for 32% of global consumption.” Consumerism

house of

“It’s like a treasure house of other people’s wishes.” Knowing Mary

look into

“We are the mirror to look into, the mistake to avoid. Argentina is a waste that remains of a globalized country. We are where the rest of the world is going.”
The Take

comes out

“I do believe that I cease being Ed once Boom Boom comes out.” Human Nature