carbon neutral

“This film is a carbon neutral production. No vehicles were used in the production of this film.” To Costco and Ikea Without a Car

don’t ask

“So don’t ask me to tell you what your role is. You figure it out yourself.”
Blackspot Culture

to heaven

“Many Mayans believe it brings them closer to heaven, which suits the bottlers just fine.” The Cola Conquest Part Three: Coca Colonization

the turn

“It’s really a pay back time for all the efforts he put in while he was young and active; now it’s the turn of the children.” Alzheimer’s: A Family’s Journey

eatin’ it

“If you take your mind off of what you’re doing, you end up screwing it up and, like, eatin’ it bad.” 100% Focused

not sure

“‘Only two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.’ Albert Einstein” Stupidity

the west

“Lenin always said we should take the best from the west.” The Cola Conquest Part Two: Cola War and Peace

the great

“In a thousand rinks in a thousand towns, here’s the great Canadian game.”
Here’s Hockey!

head down

“If you see somebody’s head down and both of their hands under the table, you know immediately what they’re up to.” The Blackberry

for starters

“He’d been called a self-important, panty-wearing office pimp, a big-mouthed, oblivious media pig, not to mention a soulless one-eyed corporate zombie, and that’s just for starters.” Let’s All Hate Toronto

on TV

“We were proud to be on TV. That was before we knew how we were going to look.” Dr. Phil or Dr. Do-Little?

or buttered

“Eat cauliflower! Creamed or buttered! Buttery core! Creamy shaft!” A Kid from Paris